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Beautiful Saviour

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Deep from His Spirit,
Pure from His Soul,
Our beautiful Saviour
Is making us whole.

He loves us completely.
He cures us of shame.
We’re His reflection.
He knows us by name.

Oh beautiful Saviour
So pure and so bright!
You make us Your likeness
We live as Your Light.

Freed and forgiven
You’ve paid all our debts
You’ve cured us of sorrow
Healed fear and regret.

Oh beautiful Saviour
We live through Your Life
We’re safe in Your Love
We’re free from all strife.

So stir us to action!
And teach us to heal.
Your Light must be lived!
Your Love be revealed!

Oh beautiful Saviour
Adorable One
You’re everpresent
You’re Kingdom is come.

We love and we thank You!
We stand in Your might.
Made whole in Your likeness
We shine as Your Light!

– Mark

Sing a new song!

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Why are you walking down that same old road?
Why are you carrying that heavy load?
See, see, see the Light of God!

Yes see, see, see the Light of God.
Drop your burden and see like Him
Pick up your peace and see like Him
Yes see like Him,
Yes pick up your peace and see like Him.

What do you do when your life is hard?
When you feel your life is torn and marred?
Be, be, be the Light of God!

Yes be, be, be the Light of God.
Drop your sadness and be like Him
Pick up your joy and be like Him
Yes be like Him
Yes pick up your joy and be like Him

What do you do when you’re out of control?
What do you do just to feel your soul?
Feel, feel, feel the Light of God!

Yes feel, feel, feel the Light of God!
Drop your failures and feel His wholeness
Pick up your power and feel His wholeness
Yes feel His wholeness
Yes pick up your power and feel His wholeness.

Yes, see like Him
And see His peace.

Yes, be like Him
And be His joy.

Yes, feel like Him
And feel His power.

And every day will dawn brand new
His peace and joy and power are you.

– by Mark


Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Begin Here.

Not there in the mirey clay of “where you came from”
Not there in the cloudy doubt of “where you are going”

but Here
Here on solid ground.

Begin Now.

Let go of that ancient millstone history;
Let go of that phoney lodestone future.

Begin Now
Now is solid ground.

“This is the way, walk ye in it”
says the voice of God.

“That was the way, too bad you missed it”
says the Liar.

“Now is the day of salvation”
says the voice of God.

“Someday, if you get lucky, maybe you’ll be happy”
says the Liar.

The Liar is future tense anxiety past tense anguish
God speaks present tense “I love you”

But how do you know you are here?
Be still, and feel:

  is where Love loves you

  is where Truth speaks your name

  is where Spirit sings you a lullaby.

Right here is where you always are

How do you find now?
Be still, and listen:

  is when Mind accepts you

  is when Soul sings YES to you

  is when Life’s arms hold you

Right now is when you always be

And being, suddenly you find your feet
on the holy ground of Principle.

And you know:
  This — right now! — is the best time of your life.
  This — right here! — is the best place to be.

  There is no lie to fight
  Only thought to change

  So accept God is with you *here*
  Rejoice God loves you *now*

  Right where you are.

So take off those stiff shoes
and toss those cursed fig leaves
of cheated past and incurable future.

And, having nothing between
you and your Father-Mother God.

Look up!
Up there!

There’s a Rainbow smiling over your head

Look down!
Right there!

There’s solid Rock under your feet

And look around!
All around!

You actually already are God’s perfect child!

 — Here
and Now.

 – Mark

What I love

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

What I love isn’t a person
Not a body, personality
It is the perfect reflection, expression of You
What else can I do
But see You

The mortal seems so real
But it is just a counterfeit
Man is made in your own image
Perfect and spiritual
So all I can see and love is only You

Laura Wright
Encinitas, CA

Getting Out

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Out of the stuffy, dark
Closet of self
Into the cool, fresh breeze
Of unselfishness
Joy just there
Not because of person, place or circumstance
Just there
Ever-present good
Never ending Love
Changing forms
But continually flowing
Lighting our way, keeping us safe


Laura Wright
Encinitas, CA

When there was no one else there

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

When there was no one else there…. You were there,
Guiding and guarding and caring for me.
I’ve seen you through so many people and things,
To understand you – the joy it brings!
Each time I glimpse Your beauty, Your grace,
I see work to be done – new lines to trace.
Do I have the courage to see this through?
Can I be honest and true like You?
You never falter, you never faint –
Your image and likeness, in mind, I paint.
I must be pure in heart and mind,
Since I am from the God-like kind.
Have I the strength if not through you?

No, there’s nothing else to hold on to.
How can I find that final release,
To be set free and inspired, to be at peace?
What must I see, or hear, to know?
Wence does it come, that eternal glow?
Expressed, unimagined, never heard of,
Like a melody sung of a heavenly dove.
I seek…….. And with each step I take,
I see more real, forsake the fake,
Inspired, refreshed, and born anew,
Like Christians before – who understood You.
How do I discern with freedom not fear
And follow the Shepherd – so many sheep to shear!
Unwanted sheep of life’s untried path
God guide me I pray thee, the way thou hath.
Keep me from the unwanted ills,
The greed, the hate, the anger that kills.
To see the glory of this unending day,
Show me through your eyes the Truth of today!
Man in your likeness, the Christ undismayed,
Made manifest in all the ideas You have made.
Expressing the Principle You are, my Lord,
Truth – to myself, must I show cross the board!
Endurance, justice – all you bestow,
Increase’s the knowledge the all Mind here shows.
Fighting the battle, what’s hiding in thought,
Frees me and others of mortal things taught.
Unlearn life as it has been shown,
And see what I can, of the unknowable known.


Sunday, April 25th, 2010

How do I get clear, on what seems like such a blur?
I already know as the question is asked,
But writing it down helps to forgive things past.
We are not what we were or what we seem to be,
We are in fact God expressed, eternally.
To see this Truth I look though the lens,
Of the Science of Life on which existence depends.
It shows me the Christ that Jesus has taught,
Brought though the light of that great women’s thought.
Mrs. Eddy by name, or Leader the same,
One with the Father who is never to blame.
God is all our lives, our realness true,
Our freedom from bondage from fettered, mortal, wombs.
Shining before me with His likeness divine,
It’s me who She’s seeing as His wondrous shine!
And look, there they are! the ones I thought bad,
Perfectly normal without any sad,
Frowns on their faces or feeling disgrace,
Just being a likeness, reflecting Her face.
We’re one with each other, united in Him,
Who brings us the light, and never goes dim.
We cannot be fearful, seek lust or dismay,
We are constant, eternally free from decay.
I’ll never stop loving or being just me,
Who to be is the expression of eternity.