When there was no one else there

When there was no one else there…. You were there,
Guiding and guarding and caring for me.
I’ve seen you through so many people and things,
To understand you – the joy it brings!
Each time I glimpse Your beauty, Your grace,
I see work to be done – new lines to trace.
Do I have the courage to see this through?
Can I be honest and true like You?
You never falter, you never faint –
Your image and likeness, in mind, I paint.
I must be pure in heart and mind,
Since I am from the God-like kind.
Have I the strength if not through you?

No, there’s nothing else to hold on to.
How can I find that final release,
To be set free and inspired, to be at peace?
What must I see, or hear, to know?
Wence does it come, that eternal glow?
Expressed, unimagined, never heard of,
Like a melody sung of a heavenly dove.
I seek…….. And with each step I take,
I see more real, forsake the fake,
Inspired, refreshed, and born anew,
Like Christians before – who understood You.
How do I discern with freedom not fear
And follow the Shepherd – so many sheep to shear!
Unwanted sheep of life’s untried path
God guide me I pray thee, the way thou hath.
Keep me from the unwanted ills,
The greed, the hate, the anger that kills.
To see the glory of this unending day,
Show me through your eyes the Truth of today!
Man in your likeness, the Christ undismayed,
Made manifest in all the ideas You have made.
Expressing the Principle You are, my Lord,
Truth – to myself, must I show cross the board!
Endurance, justice – all you bestow,
Increase’s the knowledge the all Mind here shows.
Fighting the battle, what’s hiding in thought,
Frees me and others of mortal things taught.
Unlearn life as it has been shown,
And see what I can, of the unknowable known.

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