How do I get clear, on what seems like such a blur?
I already know as the question is asked,
But writing it down helps to forgive things past.
We are not what we were or what we seem to be,
We are in fact God expressed, eternally.
To see this Truth I look though the lens,
Of the Science of Life on which existence depends.
It shows me the Christ that Jesus has taught,
Brought though the light of that great women’s thought.
Mrs. Eddy by name, or Leader the same,
One with the Father who is never to blame.
God is all our lives, our realness true,
Our freedom from bondage from fettered, mortal, wombs.
Shining before me with His likeness divine,
It’s me who She’s seeing as His wondrous shine!
And look, there they are! the ones I thought bad,
Perfectly normal without any sad,
Frowns on their faces or feeling disgrace,
Just being a likeness, reflecting Her face.
We’re one with each other, united in Him,
Who brings us the light, and never goes dim.
We cannot be fearful, seek lust or dismay,
We are constant, eternally free from decay.
I’ll never stop loving or being just me,
Who to be is the expression of eternity.

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