Begin Here.

Not there in the mirey clay of “where you came from”
Not there in the cloudy doubt of “where you are going”

but Here
Here on solid ground.

Begin Now.

Let go of that ancient millstone history;
Let go of that phoney lodestone future.

Begin Now
Now is solid ground.

“This is the way, walk ye in it”
says the voice of God.

“That was the way, too bad you missed it”
says the Liar.

“Now is the day of salvation”
says the voice of God.

“Someday, if you get lucky, maybe you’ll be happy”
says the Liar.

The Liar is future tense anxiety past tense anguish
God speaks present tense “I love you”

But how do you know you are here?
Be still, and feel:

  is where Love loves you

  is where Truth speaks your name

  is where Spirit sings you a lullaby.

Right here is where you always are

How do you find now?
Be still, and listen:

  is when Mind accepts you

  is when Soul sings YES to you

  is when Life’s arms hold you

Right now is when you always be

And being, suddenly you find your feet
on the holy ground of Principle.

And you know:
  This — right now! — is the best time of your life.
  This — right here! — is the best place to be.

  There is no lie to fight
  Only thought to change

  So accept God is with you *here*
  Rejoice God loves you *now*

  Right where you are.

So take off those stiff shoes
and toss those cursed fig leaves
of cheated past and incurable future.

And, having nothing between
you and your Father-Mother God.

Look up!
Up there!

There’s a Rainbow smiling over your head

Look down!
Right there!

There’s solid Rock under your feet

And look around!
All around!

You actually already are God’s perfect child!

 — Here
and Now.

 – Mark