Melanie Wahlberg, CS – Q and A with a Practitioner of Christian Science “how spiritual ideas work in us” Presenting at the Health and Wellness Expo between 10 and 2 February 10, 2024 at the Encinitas community center

Screenshot 2023 12 17 At 7.45.45 amSimple ideas, about God’s nature and about our nature as expressions of God, stir something new in our consciousness. They work in us in ways that change our lives and our health for the better.  But how do we find these healing ideas consistently?  We’ll look at the teachings of Christ Jesus, our best and most practical example. And I’ll share how this approach has transformed lives, including a mother and her infant daughter who each experienced healing. With ideas from God working on our behalf this way, we discover that we’re never truly alone.

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Presentation Times:  11:30 and Again at 1:00 2/10/2024

Location: Health and Wellness Expo at the Encinitas Community center.

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About Melanie Wahlberg, CS

Two influences that Melanie will never forget were the Christian Science Sunday School and a mom who turned to prayer and encouraged her to do the same. These influences showed her something of the reliability of God and spiritual inspiration, and trusting this helped her find her way growing up. Significant healing experiences with relationship and food issues, and violence in the community, were also unforgettable. From this, Melanie got an idea of the many ways that Christian Science can transform lives.

After finishing a doctorate in mathematics, Melanie became a college professor and truly enjoyed teaching. She found that teaching was less about telling students something than facilitating the students’ discoveries of new concepts. There was nothing better than witnessing a reluctant student realize that a previously mystifying concept was actually within reach to anyone.

But the higher promise of Christian Science beckoned her to help people redeem and uplift their lives in a fuller way. When students came to her office for help with calculus, Melanie and her students often found themselves talking about the joy and excitement of growing spirituality.  After just two years at the college, Melanie resigned from her position and began accepting calls as a Christian Science practitioner. She wrote articles for the Christian Science periodicals, was a frequent guest on Sentinel radio, and began advertising her practice in The Christian Science Journal in 2004. She and her husband also started a family.

Melanie loves working from her home office in the Los Angeles area. She likes to see lives transformed by the healing ideas of Christian Science, where we ourselves are helped and, at the same time, find we can help others. Her life as a mom has a lot of the same focus. And whether the spiritual ideas apply to health issues, school, social lives, or sports, her three kids push her to “keep it real.”

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