Are you a Progressive, or a Conservative? Is there any middle ground? Hear this inspiring talk by the editor of the Monitor Mark Sappenfield “Praying for the world with the Christian Science Monitor”

To strike out right and left against the mist, never clears the vision; but to lift your head above it, is a sovereign panacea.
(Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 355:16–18)

Screenshot 2023 12 15 At 4.26.57 pmWide Horizon Presents: Mark Sappenfield – Praying for the World with the Christian Science Monitor [Video replay]

Mark Sappenfield, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor, addresses how one might use the solution oriented Christian Science Monitor to pray about current events. He delves into the metaphysical basis of The Monitor and gives examples of praying about world challenges from the Monitor’s recent content such as on Israeli-Hamas war.

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