Today there is a free talk and lunch downtown San Diego Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

Enrique Smeke, CSB (Christian Science Teacher.

My father came home late one day. At dinner he told us how he learned at a lecture that Christian Scientists heal themselves through prayer. That night, a question he wrote in his youth on the margins of a book, “Does God really exist?” had finally been answered.

I started attending Sunday School at age 9, and made Christian Science my own at 17, when a diagnosed rheumatic fever required that I restrain from all physical activity for several months. Those months of persistent study and prayer led to a healing, and showed me the unlimited possibilities before us, as we know God, and ourselves as His image and likeness.

After taking college courses in engineering and journalism, and also working in the textile industry in Argentina and Chile, I decided to get more involved in the healing activity of Christian Science.  I applied to take Christian Science nursing courses, which showed me, as nothing else had before, God’s healing power. Later, I completed my college degree at Principia College and then applied to work at The Mother Church. Years later, I started the Spanish radio edition of The Herald of Christian Science.

My practitioner’s listing in The Christian Science Journal in 2007 was a natural step after having been taking practice cases for several years. Now, having taken Normal class in 2012, I teach the spirit and the letter of this marvelous Science, which for years has been opening my eyes to the laws and blessings of divine Love.




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