Leg trouble gone – A testimony of healing from the Christian Science Sentinel by Cheryl DeSanctis

Listen to how this individual overcame a physical pain she was experiencing in her leg.

One day, after a wonderful day of Christian Science nursing training, I was walking back with one of my classmates when I felt my left leg hurting a bit. I wasn’t able to move it as freely as I normally could. I didn’t think too much of it at first and carried on with some activities as I got back home.

After praying for a while and feeling mentally clear, rightly standing up mentally for what was true of God and God’s creation, I went to eat dinner with friends. After dinner, I did some work and was still praying all the while—calmly acknowledging harmony as a law and spiritual existence as the only existence.

However, suggestions such as “This could get worse,” or “Maybe you won’t be able to perform in class tomorrow,” started coming to my thought…………Click here to read more or to listen

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