Honor Sacrifice for Freedom of Thought – by Jobie Townshend-Zellner

In celebration of Memorial Day, less than a handful of my neighbors gathered for a barbecue lunch. All of us being church members, the topic of conversation was largely how to pray for our world and country. And of course we thoroughly enjoyed salads of all kinds and fresh watermelon along with our meal, and cookies for dessert.

As I stashed my plateful of left overs onto a refrigerator shelf, it occurred to me that, as well as remembering soldiers who fought with three dimensional weapons, I need to honor those soldiers who have fought with weapons “mighty through God” – and let their examples inspire my current prayerful action. Some of these scholar-soldiers and translators lost their lives because they translated the Bible into our mother tongue and distributed it to the people. Their sacrifice is an underpinning of the freedom of religion that we enjoy in this country.

Here is a recording from the journal “The Biblical World” that tells their story.

“Martyrs for the English Bible”

Tyndale_Bible_-_Gospel_of_JohnTheir bravery and sacrifice has taken God’s Word out of the hands of a few and into the reach of all. I know I can better appreciate what they did by simply making more room for the truth of that Word in my every day thought and actions. I hope that their sacrifice may inspire others to appreciate their direct line to our Creator through His-Her Word in the Scriptures.

This freedom of thought that Tyndale and others fought for,
is also seen in an article published in another journal*, less than thirty years after “Martyrs for the English Bible” (recorded above). The Christian Science Journal was “designed to put on record the divine Science of Truth” – Mary Baker Eddy, first editor of the CS Journal, and the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.
My. 353:11-12 designed (to;)

Visitors to our Christian Science Reading Room often ask “Why put ‘Science’ with ‘Christian’?” Science is used because God is Love, and divine Love is the motivational power, or divine law, that operates for the benefit of all. Divine Love is as constant as a law in its blessing, which makes it a divine Principle. Christianity is based on divine Love; since divine Love is a Principle, Mary Baker Eddy, united ‘Christian’ with ‘Science’. We can exercise the highest freedom of thought, and freedom of religion, when we think and act from the basis of Principle, or divine Love, first and foremost.

Jobie Townshend-Zellner

* The link to this article on Christian Science is below:

By John Randall Dunn
From the February 1946 issue of The Christian Science Journal


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