We believe …“A little child will lead them” (Isaiah 11: 6)

Come to our SCHOOL on SUNDAY and be qualified to participate in the 



-Helping your children/teens discover their Godlike qualities and their innate greatness, in a casual Sunday school setting


“…the Christ in you; the hope of glory.” Col 1: 27

Why ?

  1. We believe GOD, good, made every child/teen good. This includes knowing it is good to communicate honestly, to be helpful, caring, kind, intelligent and self-governed.
  2. We believe in teaching children/teens to become balanced individuals who establish healthy relationships and think and act rightly.
  3. We believe in nurturing children/teens to become great citizens.
  4. We believe in inspiring children/teens to be great citizen-leaders and to think for themselves.
  5. We believe children/teens have infinite possibilities.
  6. We believe children/teens excel in life when they have been given a solid foundation with a spiritual education.
  7. We believe a spiritual education should transcend all religious boundaries.

 How does this help?

  • This helps parents and children/teens experience and achieve goals set.
  •  This supports parents so they can be relieved from any burdens arising while raising children/teens.
  • This encourages parents of the importance of providing children/teens a spiritual education.
  • This teaches the prophecy that the Christ leads us as it says “A child will lead them” (Isaiah 11: 6) …”which is Christ in you; the hope of glory.” Col 1: 27
  • This makes children/teens familiar with the Bible stories of those that trusted in good, God.
  • This teaches children/teens the teachings in Scripture to love God and our neighbor as our self and the importance of practicing the Golden Rule.
  • This promotes healing our self and so our relationships within the family, neighborhood and world.

What do we offer?

  • A qualifying school on Sundays featuring Bible-centered instruction, taught by inspired Christian Scientists for your children/teens as a precursor to being involved in the Infinite Horizons program
  • A proven curriculum nurturing happy, healthy and faithful children/teens.
  • A choice to drop off your children/teens or stay and be a part of the Bible-centered service for adults.
  • An open door to become involved in the INFINITE HORIZONS program and it’s list of opportunities which include summer camp, National Leadership Council, and private school and college scholarship opportunities.
  • The opportunity to have your student have a spiritual education, bettering the world one child/teen at a time.  We hold a school session from October through May on Sundays starting at 10am. The location of the school is at the Christian Science Reading Room and Garden @ 912 S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024.
  • The cost of this school on Sunday is the commitment of parental participation to get their children/teens on a weekly basis to and from the school.  The Christian Science Society of Encinitas financially supports this school.

The following opportunities

are fee-based on the student’s ability to pay. Gifts and grants are available through application.  The School on Sunday is based on a Christian Science Sunday school curriculum in accordance with the Manual of the Mother Church in Boston, MA and is a precursor to participating in the following Infinite Horizon program opportunities:

– Christian Science Summer Camps

– Discovery Bound/ National Leadership Council

– Principia educational opportunities/school

– Principia educational opportunities/college

The Nautical Apprentice Program


1. Why should I be a part of INFINITE HORIZONS and take……….(Read More)

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For more information call:

Phone 760-753-4545

912 S. Coast Hwy. 101, (just South of H Street – across from Starbucks), Encinitas, CA 92024

Driving Directions

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