The Garden of the Great Spirit

Tempimagebvjmf5For Halloween this year 2021, our Christian Science society of Encinitas hosted what we named “The Garden of the Great Spirit.” In one evening, we had about 2,700 people walk through our garden and then talk to us in the reading room. During several periods, there was a line to get into our reading room. Each person passed by 13 illuminated signs about the spiritual nature of God as they wandered through our garden. We also had a lot of decorations not normally found at a Christian Science church, such as spider webs, giant rats, trees with glowing eyes, and skeletons that played banjos. Countering these spooky decorations, were messages about not being afraid because God was present. And we had a fountain declaring “God is Love.”

Tempimage8kehbhEach visitor was personally greeted in the reading room. Everyone was offered candy, and we also had refrigerator magnets with a metaphysical message. We had incredible feedback like, “What a wonderful positive message,” “Thank you for countering the darkness of this night,” and “You guys are putting a whole new meaning into this holiday.”


Tempimagebb4ojcThis was mainly done by just six people from our small Christian Science society. At the end of the night, while we cleaned, we were overcome with a sense of gratitude for this opportunity to reach out to the community.


You are invited to join us for our Sunday church service at the Reading Room or on zoom every Sunday at 10 am PT. We meet for an hour and then have an open discussion about the week’s Bible lesson and/or testimonies of healing and comments and questions about Christian Science. 

Phone (760) 753 4545

912 S. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

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  1. Tiona says:

    Great idea and I loved volunteering. Fabulous response from the community providing a special way to share the Reading Room in the business industry on the busiest street in town.

    Wonderful idea & big success! The blessings will follow.


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