History in the making – Christian Science Society of Encinitas recognized

In an audio cast: Many Voices, One Foundation—The Public History of Christian Science, our Reading Room Librarian, Jobina Townsend Zellner, comments about the development of our church movement and our structure.

You can go to the nine minute mark of the June 3, 2015 audio cast by clicking here, and you will hear what was written by her about our recent history:

Audiocast: Many Voices, One Foundation

On June 13, 2015 the Mary Baker Eddy Library did a follow-up to the Library’s Annual Meeting program held the previous weekend. Staff members Jonathon Eder, Steve Graham, Mike Hamilton, and Judy Huenneke discuss their work in researching and creating the June 6 event “Building on the foundation of Christ-healing: From the Collections at The Mary Baker Eddy Library.”

Here is an opportunity to learn more about the letters and other documents that Mary Baker Eddy wrote or dictated, as well as additional materials that formed the basis for the program.  As part of the broadcast, listeners are encouraged to submit their thoughts about “building on the foundation of Christ-healing,” including their own personal, family, and community histories.

Also of note, Jonathon, Judy, and Mike participated in an interview that appeared in the April 2015 Christian Science Journal—”The rich history of Christian Science”, in which they brought out different dimensions of the ongoing story of Christian Science and its healing impact on individuals and in the world.


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  1. Marsha Pecaut says:

    Thank you, Jobina, for contributing to this interview. How great for our Society and our Reading Room activities to be highlighted.

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