Potluck and music after church next Sunday May 3rd

The Rancho Santa Fe Christian Science church and the Encinitas Society are having a joint potluck at the Encinitas Reading Room this coming Sunday, May 3rd after our 4:00 pm church service.  The potluck will start around 5:15 and is for members of both churches, Encinitas Reading Room attendants, and anyone who comes to our 4:00 service in the garden behind the reading room.  In addition to the potluck there will be a variety of live music.  Bill Bailey and Elizabeth  Griswold will be teaming up for our church service.  They will also present other pieces during the potluck.  Bill will introduce some new music and there will be some special musical guests.

Bill is a concert pianist and plays regularly at the Rancho Santa Fe services.  Elizabeth Griswold is an accomplished soloist and has been singing for us at our services.  We are excited to hear what they will come up with.  Please join us for the 4:00 service and the potluck which starts at 5:15.


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  1. Ginny says:

    Wish we could be there this Sunday. Here’s hoping you’ll have another pot-luck soon when Laurel Burrowes and I can come down.

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