Fruitage from Ribbon Cutting and Healing in Africa Talk!

Thank you for your loving support of our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Mark Ruble’s talk on Reading Rooms and Healing in Africa! It was such a happy time – an opportunity to get to know each other and hear of the wonderful quick, whole and complete healings that have been done in Africa. It was also heartwarming to hear of the practical steps that have been taken to help those in Africa with the basic needs of food and clothing. For more information on helping those in Africa, go to

This was such a joyful time, we hope you can come and visit us during Reading Room hours, to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and opportunity to find out how to bring healing into your lives, and the lives of others.

Thank you!

Below are the links to Mark’s wonderful talk!

Healing in Africa 1

Healing in Africa 2

Healing in Africa 3

Healing in Africa 4

Healing in Africa 5

Healing in Africa 6

Healing in Africa 7