Nursing the World

The cheer resulting from knowing all is well
Punctuality, meeting each thought with good news to tell
Order – realizing God has all in its right place
Patient, because God’s love is expressed in grace
Full of faith – receptive to Truth and Love
We feel God’s gentle presence from above

Dancing to each call
Knowing that God is All
Hearts uplifted from loving each other
Feeling the oneness we have with our brother
Joy in seeing only God’s perfect creation
We cannot help but witness His manifestation

What a privilege to behold the perfect man
And in this knowledge to take a stand
Then watching the unfolding of reality
Beholding first hand man’s innate purity

This is our duty to all mankind
Seeing this way, there’s only goodness to find
Let’s nurse each other as Love loves its own
And realize then, we are never alone
Now let us put all selfishness away
And go out with love, to nurse the world today!