Always in our right place

We don’t have to put up with error of any kind, there is a

way that God can show us how to move forward in the midst of error

or wrong.

I happened to have had such an experience Sunday morning at  New Orleans

airport. I arrived at the proper time for my flight to Houston, and  then to connect to San Diego, when we were told that our plane was undergoing a mechanical problem, and that we would be updated as to the progress periodically.  Those periodical updates were not promising at all.  I began to suspect strongly (Mind’s prompting) that the plane was not going to go anywhere that day. The attendants at the gate were being evasive.

Strangely, I was observing nearly all the passengers just standing resolutely in line and waiting–just waiting for the report from the desk to change.  How I knew that we were being placated, and perhaps lied to, was unclear to me at the time, but I knew.

After stewing and being almost helpless along with the others (dumb sheep) as they appeared, I went to my knees– so to speak– in humble, listening prayer.

I just couldn’t accept the verdict that no one knew if or when we were going to get on that particular plane and flight.  I even kept asking before what to do, or if I could get another flight to Houston, but I was always told the same thing that there were no other flights available, and that all flights were already full. After being delayed 3 hours already, things looked hopeless.  A flood of

emotions began to sweep over me.  Thoughts like: is this what its like to be stranded after a disaster like Katrina?  Is blind acceptance by the masses an indication of the mental state of of so many in the wake of so called natural disasters, I pondered. No,  it is not, and it can’t be, nor is it going to be my mental state!

No doubt, when I really turned away from the human reasoning, blaming, and feelings of victimization, and knelt down to phone a friend for support, I felt an immediate sense of hope and resolve to  take the next step in the line of putting my prayer into action.  I walked away from the patiently waiting crowd at the gate, and past the  security check point, and back to the ticket counter.  I calmly waited in line a few minutes, not hours, for the clerk.  I was given options at this point, and rescheduled to go out on standby on a noon  flight with new connections to San Diego.  I had under an hour to wait, and I got on that flight.

As I was going through the gate, I saw that the same crowd was still standing at the other gate  with the broken plane.   Still waiting and hoping while I was going home.   What happened here? was it luck for me and not for the others? I kept praying for them too as I boarded.

I had much to thank God for during that flight for the mental qualities that I could rely on to get me off the ground, and lifted to safety way above the false report of error. Qualities like humility, (turning to God on my knees), obedience and trust, walking away from the crowd and back to the ticket counter (faith in good), and perhaps most of all, an absolute conviction that error and discord are not to be accepted. As a result of these mental qualities already active in my thought,  I found proof of God’s unfailing care and love.

In reflecting on this experience, I gained valuable insights into the absolute mental nature of all things. How grateful I was, and am once again of Love’s provision for Her kids!  All will someday see this, and not be deceived by evil anymore.  I am committed to help others whenever I can to wake up to this reality.  As I do it for myself, I will be helping others as well.

So much love,