Temporary Paralysis Healed

During recent employment in a private residence I was lifting a woman from her recliner as I had done many times previously. This time it seemed very difficult. In retrospect I realized I hadn’t returned the chair to its original position and the woman was much further from me.

The next morning it took me over 20 minutes just to get into a sitting position on the side of my bed. It was my habit to rely on prayer, which I did, and I knew this couldn’t be true about me. I proceeded with the responsibilities of the day, but very slowly. It was a couple of hours before I could function freely. I resisted calling a Practitioner for help thinking the difficulty was on its way out of my life.

The next morning again, in a vice-like grip, I struggled to rise. I spent several hours hobbling around determined to be free of this false control. I called my son who is always so helpful, immediately confirmed that God was moving absolutely every single tiniest molecule, in every part of my body. He repeated as we often did in our family, “there’s not a spot where God is not.”

I accepted the truth of this statement without reservation. I continued to know my separation from matter and that its beguilements of fear could not possess me in any way. The next day it was easier to move, and the day after I was completely free.

I am very grateful to be free of that temporary paralysis.

Stephanie Wright