Encinitas Street Fair April 2024 event at the Encinitas Christian Science Society

We opened our doors during the event hours roughly 9am-4pm Saturday and Sunday, and held our ‘treasure hunt’ where children and adults were invited to play “God’s Name Game.” This is where the seven synonyms of God, Principle/Mind/Soul/Spirit/Life/Truth/Love were placed around the garden area and then children sought them out to fill in their game sheets. When all seven were listed and the individual could repeat them by heart they would win a T-shirt with the saying of “I am worthy of Love,” or “Truth is Power.” The very young were offered tasty treats. Roughly 750 individuals (children, teens and young adults) participated over the weekend. This is a great opportunity to introduce our Reading Room, and Christian Science to our community. With the basic understanding of how we see God through His seven names, we have given them a start in appreciating Christian Science.
In the garden there are many fun animal figures and plants to enjoy, a giant pine tree offered shade, there was a jazz band to listen to, and a water fountain to relax by. We also set up a looped video on the subject of climate change as explored by the Christian Science Monitor in late 2023 in a series called, “The climate generation: born into crisis,building solutions.” It features activists from all over the world seeking solutions to combat this problem. The street fair is repeated in November, and Encinitas also has four summer car show events which draw in the public and we have our doors open for this activity as well. This is our part in Loving Our Community and sharing Christian Science in an introductory albeit small way.