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Please understand that we are an informal community with a variety of experiences, but that we are all working and praying to know and love God and express that in our lives as best we can.

In other words, we are not authorities on doctrinal points, nor experts in religious traditions, nor are we trying to convert anybody. And posts on this site may not represent the views of this Society or of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. They are just our personal points of view as we grow spiritually. Therefore please note:

  • Comments made on this website are subject to review, editing, and (if extreme) deletion.

We’re here because we have experienced God’s love and we’re doing our best to support each other – and our community – in living our love of God “out loud.”

So welcome to our humble website.

And if we have a warning as part of this disclaimer, it is this:

  • You may find yourself challenged
  • You may find yourself unexpectedly inspired
  • You may find yourself moved with tears of joy
  • You may find yourself awakened
  • You may find yourself learning something new
  • You may find yourself healed
  • And, our most sincere hope is, you will find yourself closer to God